Print-on-demand CreateSpace Book #1


The  manuscript was sent in MS Word as usual. There wasn`t any image except the author`s image and two company`s logos. The book was ready to be uploaded to CreateSpace in a few hours, although the final version was approved 3 days after I accepted the job.

If you are a writer, you know there is no perfect time to be inspired as the inspiration usually comes when you have already sent your book to an editor. In this case, my client made some minor changes in the book`s content after the first version was provided.

  • Task: Print-on-demand CreateSpace
  • Client: Adam Hammes
  • Title: Stress-free Sustainabilty
  • Book Online: See it live on Amazon

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Stress Free Cover Adam Hammes

Adam Hammes is an independent sustainability consultant in Des Moines, Iowa, where he helps businesses tackle sustainability – from local restaurant chains to international media companies. He staffs the Iowa Sustainable Business Forum and sits on the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Sustainability Committee and the Solidarity Microfinance Committee. He coaches sustainability professionals around the world and speaks at conferences on stress-free sustainability.

Adam grew up in a rural, conservative farm community and struggled expressing his own environmental views. In college, he led outdoor adventure trips, earned his minor in environmental studies and a certificate in global health. After graduation, he traveled the world as an environmental educator and leadership trainer, living and working in seven countries on four continents. He earned his MBA, LEED-AP (BD+C), and LCA Manager Certificate. He trained with The Natural Step USA: Level 1 & 2 and with the Wilderness Stewardship Program.

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Print-on-demand CreateSpace Book #1
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