How It Works?


If you have preferred method of communication and collaboration, or any specific project management tool you are got used to it, please just invite me, so I can create an account. In the case you`d rather communicate over Skype or via email, that is perfectly fine of course. It`s up to you. The only thing I want to emphasize is that your instructions should be detail as much as possible. Of course, instructions will vary on the task/s, but the final result should be the same. So, let`s get the things done with less effort and with much more comprehensiveness.

Once the task is completed, or before the final version when it comes to formatting eBooks, I usually send comments with regard to the task I am working on and how to improve the final result, if needed. Please feel free to accept or deny any of these comments, as this is your task and I am only here to help you complete it, so it looks like exactly how you wanted. On the other hand, if the task is specific and certain rules should be followed, then there is no much space for changes.

Some people do not like deadlines, but I strongly believe organizational skills is one of the core values of the good worker/business owner. When the task is urgent, it is recommended that the client is precise and set reasonable deadline. If the task/s require/s more than 4 hours of work, the deadline can not be the same day, but you can expect the completed task in the next 24 hours. Saying that, if the task can be done in the next few days, you should inform me about that as well. Effective communication is half of the work.

When you check the task I worked on for you, please feel free to ask for any updates or changes you might come up in the mean time. Just be realistic and practical. The number of updates that counts in the agreed price is maximum three. Obviously, I can completely change the final result, if you want, but you should be aware there will be additional costs as per the contract. By this token, please carefully check the task I completed and ask for changes where and if needed.